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You're on a treasure hunt for One Eyed Willie's rich stuff. The first to the finish line will be the one who saves the Goondocks from the yuppie land developers. But beware, there are lots of booby traps, temptations, and challenges along the way. And don't forget, you're being pursued by the nefarious Fratelli Gang. So grab some Baby Ruths and your best friends and get ready to play.

How to Play

  1. Choose a Goonie based on approximate physical appearance or some other method. Each character is different.
  2. Decide an Order by arguing with each other.
  3. Tap the dice to roll and move your character forward. After you've moved your character draw a card.
  4. Tap the deck to draw a card. Some cards are simple Move Forwards/Backwards Cards. Some cards affect other players. And some cards are Challenge Cards. Complete the challenge, win the reward. Fail the challenge, suffer the consequence.
  5. The Crossbones. If you land on a booby trap your turn is OVER and you DO NOT draw a card.
  6. The Red Squares. If you step on a red square at the edge of the board you must STOP. DO NOT draw a card. Your turn is OVER. On your next turn, you must roll a 3 OR LESS to escape. If you fail to roll a 3 OR LESS, your turn is OVER and you DO NOT move forward.

Instructions for iPad

  • + Add to Homescreen for the best experience.
  • lock your ipad Rotate your iPad into landscape mode and lock the screen. Then you can spin it around when playing with friends.