How to Freak Out!! And Go Crazy!!

Are you being chased by shadows? Is reality being called into question by strange circumstances? Do you regularly fall into CGI-enhanced flashback
sequences? If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, then there’s a good chance that you are FREAKING OUT AND GOING CRAZY!!! As Doctors of Filmology, we advise you to take your meds now as we put our test subject under the microscope. Because no one can FREAK OUT!!! quite like Leo can. We will delve deep into his psyche and watch him lose his mind, his family and his shaving kit.

  • #1 Dom Cobb

  • #2 William “Billy” Costigan, Jr.

    The Departed
  • #3 Edward “Teddy” Daniels

    Shutter Island
  • #4 Howard Hughes

    The Aviator

Step One Establish the Setting

It should come as no surprise that populated cities like Boston and Los Angeles are the ideal locations for losing your mind. After all, life is hard in the concrete jungle.

  1. #1 On a flight to Los Angeles, California
  2. #2 Boston, Massachusetts
  3. #3 Shutter Island in Boston Harbor
  4. #4 Los Angeles, California

Into the Deep and Terrifying Waters

Throughout the centuries, water has carried significant symbolism. Perhaps it symbolizes the unknown depths lurking in Leo’s mind.

  1. #1 The beach in limbo
  2. #2 Bodies get dumped in Boston Harbor
  3. #3 Shutter ISLAND. Also, his wife drowns the kids in a lake.
  4. #4 Flying planes across the ocean

Step Two Acquire a Deeply Disturbing Personality Disorder

A mental state is quickly compromised by bouts of anxiety. Are the wide array of drugs helping? Or do they just further contribute to the impending mental breakdown?

  • #1 Dom Cobb

    • Unable to distinguish dreams from reality
    • Anxiety

    Heavy Sedatives Yusef the Chemist

  • #2 William Costigan

    • Paranoia
    • Anxiety

    Oxycontin Dr. Madolyn Madden

  • #3 Edward Daniels

    • Unable to distinguish dreams from reality
    • Schizophrenia

    Chlorpromazine Dr. John Cawley

  • #4 Howard Hughes

    • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
    • Anxiety

    Milk from a Bottle Bring in the milk
    Bring in the milk
    Bring in the milk
    Bring in the milk
    Bring in the milk

Step Three Determine Friends from Foes

There are those who make us crazy and those who make us sane. But in desperate
situations, how does one distinguish friend from foe?

  Crazy Woman Friend or Foe Sidekick
#1 Dead wife Mr. Saito Arthur
#2 Dead mother Frank Costello Captain Queenan
#3 Dead wife Dr. John Cawley Chuck Aule
#4 Dead mother Juan Trippe Noah Dietrich

Step Four The Breaking Point

In one tense moment we watch as reality snaps and the FREAKING OUT!! begins. His world (sometimes literally) comes crashing down.

  1. #1 The ambush by Robert’s subconscious projections
  2. #2 Frank starts looking for the rat
  3. #3 The meeting with George Noyce in Ward C
  4. #4 Katherine Hepburn leaves him for Spencer Tracy
Amount of Facial Hair v. TimeTimeline (Who has time to shave when they’re going crazy?) vs. Amount of Facial Hair

Step Five Say and Do a Bunch of Crazy Shit

The signs were apparent all along! We should have known! We’ve developed charts and graphs to help diagnose exactly when the CRAZY moment hits.

Crazy Shit GraphMannerism vs. Craziness Level

The money quotes:

  1. #1 “You were not supposed to see that! This has nothing to do with you!”
  2. #2 “I’m going fucking nuts, man. I can’t be someone else every fuckin’ day. It’s been a year of this. I’ve had enough of this shit!”
  3. #3 “I gotta get off this rock, Chuck. Get back to the mainland. Whatever the hell’s going on here, it’s bad.”
  4. #4 “Show me the blueprints. Show me the blueprints. Show me the blueprints. Show me the blueprints. Show me the blueprints.”

Step Six Run for Your Life!!!!

On his last thread of sanity, Leo follows the most basic human instinct and makes a run for it. The outcome is usually bleak.

  Leo makes a run for it And thinks he’s made it But not so fast He meets his demise by
Inception Head#1 Flees in a van on level one Wakes up on the plane He spins the top Making it home… or did he?
Departed Head#2 Attempts to expose Sullivan Handcuffs Sullivan at gunpoint Barrigan is waiting for them Getting shot in the head
Shutter Head#3 Storms the lighthouse Exposes Dr. Cawley He’s been a patient for 2 years Getting a lobotomy
Aviator Head#4 Locks himself in a room Succesfully debates the senator He starts freaking out again Being a nutcase again

Bonus! Leo ☺ Libs

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